A Versatile Tool to Swiftly Manage Azure Resources: Azure Cloud Shell Seminerinde Konustum

17 Subat 2020 Pazartesi gunu Nigel Frank International’in ev sahipliginde ve UK Cloud Infrastructure User Group’un organizasyonuyla gerceklestirdigimiz “A Versatile Tool to Swiftly Manage Azure Resources: Azure Cloud Shell” semineri oldukca keyifli gecti. Gec sat olmasina karsin ilgi gosteren herkese cok tesekkurler.

Ajanda ise soyleydi:

Azure Cloud Shell is an integrated shell environment in Azure Portal which enables DevOps engineers and Azure administrators to manage Azure Resources without having to worry about installing and maintaining PowerShell modules, lots of tools and some third party integrations such as Terraform, Ansible, Git etc.
In this session, the presenter will walk the audience through the architecture behind the scene and some useful cmdlets that come with CloudShell to manage Azure resources.

Here is the brief outline of the session

– Basics and Architecture of CloudShell
– Calling CloudShell from VSCode & Windows Terminal
– Built-in tools in CloudShell
– Useful commands that come with CloudShell
– Editor and WebPreview